Auto Import from USA

“World Ex” offers automobiles’ import  with service contract.


Automobiles are loaded and sent from 4 main cities of the USA, which are:


New Jersey (New York)
Florida (Miami)
Texas (Houston)
California (Los Angeles)


We cooperate with international shipping lines, such as:

Maersk Line
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company
ZIM Integrated Shipping Service

Service contract includes:

  1. Participation in the leading closed auctions in USA,  such as: Manheim, Copart, IAAI and etc. To buy used and new cars at  any dealer or auto salon from any part of the USA;
  2. Checking the cars and making additional pictures of them.
  3. Arrangement of the financial issues with the car seller;
  4. Arrangement of inland transportation in the USA;
  5. Loading the automobiles in the container and transporting by sea;
  6. Delivering the container and arrangement of all procedures regarding getting automobiles;
  7. Automobiles transportation by car carriers to any point in Caucasus region.

Service contract is signed only with juridical companies.

We offer the most flexible conditional and competitive prices in this business.

Please find our rates on the RATE field.

For detailed information please contact.